Hunger Heroes

The Center Walk/Run

Please help our team in our efforts to be Hunger Heros for many in our community who go to bed hungry far too often. Your support of Gleaners will have a huge impact on many of our neighbors. Please give what you can. Any gift, big or small, can make a difference. With a gift of just $1, Gleaners will feed 3 people!

With your support, together we will help Gleaners lead the fight against hunger!

Letters from BackSacks School Coordinators:
"As a school employee I am continually amazed at what students can accompish.  At Harrison Hill, we have a surprising number of homeless families and students.  Each kid has their own story but no matter their home life, each one gets up and comes to school as often as they can.  I feel so grateful to be able to provide the BackSacks to these students and to see how excited they are to receive something that most of us find as basic as food."
- Harrison Hill
"We recently had 3 house fires in a week.  Once our teachers reached out to families and our social worker discussed resources, they all called to sign up for the BackSacks program.  The kids were so thrilled to be a part of Nutrition Club!  The families wanted to be able to return the favor and had their students write some great thank you cards!  While each family gets back on their feet it is nice to help the smallest of those affected."
- Stephen Collins Foster Elementary
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