Hunger Heroes

A gift of just $20, could help feed up to 80 people!
A gift of just $20, could help feed up to 80 people!



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Please help The Tire Squeal™ 2022 in our efforts to be Hunger Heroes for many in our community who go to bed hungry far too often. Your support of Gleaners will have a huge impact on many of our neighbors. Please give what you can. Any gift, big or small, can make a difference.

With your support, together we will help Gleaners lead the fight against hunger!

$1,000 could help provide up to $9,000 in groceries. Fresh, healthy produce, protein rich meats and dairy, as well as shelf-stable items allow families to make and eat meals together.

$500 could help provide 3,000 pounds of produce
$160 could help provide a child with weekend meals for an entire year through Gleaners BackSacks program
$100 could help provide 1,000 oranges to kids over the summer
$50 could help provide 9 bushels of apples to Hoosier neighbors in need
$20 provides 1 student's BackSack for a month.

As a way of saying thanks, if you give a gift of $50 or more, you'll get a Schweinefiletring T-shirt! If you give $100 or more, we'll give you a hat, too!

For more information, please visit THETIRESQUEAL.COM



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